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Select Pinnacle Controls as Your Main Instrument Vendor

Your Main Instrument Vendor

Pinnacle Controls has been designated by many customers as their Main Instrument Vendor (MIV). Pinnacle Controls is the preferred instrumentation and controls expert for selection, pre-assembly, documentation, and delivery management for the entire project. Pinnacle Controls, acting as a single point of contact manages and executes multiple work packages including pressure, temperature, level and flow instrumentation, final control elements, valves, control panels, and modular skid systems.

Main Instrument Vendor (MIV)

Pinnacle Controls' team reduces uncertainty, risk, and waste through early engagement, documentation, and clear communication. The result is consistency of engineering, lower risk, and reduced cost by minimizing errors.

Our project administrators collaborate with your team to consolidate, assemble, fabricate, and deliver material solutions to your project complete with specification accuracy, project schedules, workflow automation, documentation, and communications saving you time and money in the construction process.

Controls Engineering

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